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It is always exciting to add a new pleasure to one’s life, especially when it is as gratifying as photography. It has definitely enriched my life, particularly in my extensive travels to see the sights of the world where one can capture the images of exotic places and the visual manifestations of different cultures. However, having an abiding love for the natural world and its fascinating denizens, they became my favorite subjects. 

It has been said that a photographer must be an artist first. I hold no position in that discussion. I only know that a keen sense of beauty is enough for many to fall hopelessly in love with “taking pictures”. It is an intoxication they enjoy and wish to share with others who may be inclined to make this thrilling pleasure an integral part of their own lives too. If you are one of them then welcome to the club and don’t be intimidated by any kind of photography snobbery or myth. Just keep on shooting for the sheer pleasure and let it be one of your life's great delights.

Thank you for visiting my website and feel free to make an entry  in my guestbook.

Deutsche Gäste sind herzlich willkommen in der Hoffnung dass meine Bilder einen positiven Eindruck machen. Dazu hat Jedermann die Gelegenheit eine persönliche Bewertung zu hinterlassen.

Danke für den Besuch.

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